The Raw Stuff



The Upper Austrian Tattoo Scene Vol. I 

We're entering new territory with our new THE RAW STUFF-spin-off edition and discover the local tattoo scene of the Upper Austrian Zentralraum straight in the triangle of Linz, Wels and Steyr!

The book project has always been an exciting expedition through underground and alternative art with unexpected twists for me and I was baffled by the many unique and wonderful tattoo artists who are located in this industrial area of Austria - for me it's a MUST to give them a space for presenting their art and their view on one of the oldest traditions of mankind.

With this edition, we extend our regular book-concept combining the physical edition as an artbook with exclusive artist-interviews and more tattoos online, only available through QR-codes printed in the zine.

ZERO REGRETS Vol. I is an introduction into the unique and high-profiled tattoo scene of the Upper Austrian Zentralraum between Linz, Wels and Steyr and offers a big variety of tattoo styles of the best artists in the area!

148 pages, 140 Tattoos, 70 Flashes & paintings, ink on skin, neo-traditional-, oldschool-, fineline and other tattoo styles, 13 interviews (in german only), stupid questions, silly answers and bad jokes, a guy with a flying eye in his neck, skulllllllls, a snail slurping over a face, Sauron, good choices and bad decisions but at most: 15 wonderful characters of the austrian tattoo scene!

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